TAMLO’s courses for Money Services Businesses are designed specifically for employees and agents of MSBs. The courses includes Carl’s Story, an award winning, compelling video about a gang of money launderers, taking you inside their various techniques. They also include interviews by experts in the financial crime field.

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5 Powerful Training Elements

In a friendly, accessible style, this course shows how money laundering works and teaches the basics of AML compliance. A built-in exam ensures a baseline level of knowledge throughout your organization while reporting features allow your compliance team to easily track student progress and verify course completion. This engaging, 45-minute online course achieves outstanding learning outcomes through the following 5 elements:

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An award-winning video about a criminal entrepreneur and his team of money launderers.

We believe storytelling is crucial for engaging learners and making key concepts stick. That’s why we’ve built our training around award-winning video content that makes challenging concepts simple and helps employees reach their learning goals.


Packed with real-world interviews including bankers, law enforcement and journalists.


The course includes exercises throughout, with detailed feedback on student responses.


Employees who do not pass will answer different questions on the second attempt.


Reporting features allow your compliance team to easily track student progress and verify completion.

Very captivating story, focused and well oriented. The video gives a clear explanation of the money laundering process through the Money Transfer industry.

Mariel Diaz, Compliance officer, Mateo Express Inc.

Students Will Learn

Money laundering from the criminal’s perspective
Similarities and differences between terrorist financing and money laundering
The three stages of money laundering and how to identify them
Principles of risk assessment in your industry
An overview of the regulatory environment
Techniques of money laundering and terrorist financing, including structuring
KYC – Know Your Client/Customer
The key reports associated with money laundering and terrorist financing
Red flags and suspicious indicators
PEPs – Politically Exposed Persons
The social and economic consequences of money laundering

Need a Custom Option?

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Do you need to customize your AML training with your company logo, policies, procedures, and references to in-house practices? Do you need multiple languages or compliance with other jurisdictions outside of the USA or Canada? No problem!

We’ll be glad to work with your compliance team to produce a customized version of Flag the Money that fits your needs and your budget. Tamlo’s staff is here to provide timely support for you and your organization throughout the training cycle.
Please contact us to discuss your customization needs.

Whether you’re looking to increase employee compliance reporting, improve overall employee value or meet compliance regulation requirements, our training can help you get there.

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